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Its been a while since I updated this blog. Mainly due to other things needing to be finished Hopeful i should now be updating the blog on a weekly basis so here is some of the things i have been finding interesting the last little while.

I found this little talk by Paula Scher really interesting as to the distinction between fun design,serious design and solemn design. Found my self wondering if I am now doing solemn design now when I should be doing fun design anyway hope you find it as interesting as I did.

The second item of posting is a shopping list i made (a really short one has next to nothing on it and nothing to specific).

Now the only reason I done this was because i was getting pestered to leave to go shopping and that was the closest thing i had to write on. A few of the people who seen commented on it (after laughing at my terrible list/handwriting) Normal i would of thrown it away but it got me thinking a little bit about what other mundane looking things such as a shopping list could be made more visually interesting in a matter of seconds and no real effort.

3rd item of posting is my website is online and working (although i will be changing it a bit soon) Its also the reason behind the renaming of my blog the address is

The last thing for this post i thought i would include a bunch of links to websites of design companies,blogs or whatever things that inspire me – typography website – web design website – new website that has everything i can think of – an interesting blog with selection of ideas – a nice little website what has lots
of interesting nooks to discover – an amazingly simplistic blog with some great work – a website dedicated to the almighty grid – another typography blog – A nice little design company that produces some good work – same as the above – same as the above – same as the above

That's all the links i am going to put up might start doing a weekly list we shall see

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