victorian alphabet

just something i done when i was trying to come up with the new banner for the blog



OK you can do a lot with paper i mean we draw on it print on it paint on it cut it and fold it. Its the folding part that's the main focus of this post i mean we have all see origami ducks flowers ect they are great take alot of effort and time there have been books dedicated to the modern use of paper art such as the book tactile(well part of it). However i came across the website of Simon Schubert who well may be a master of folding bits of paper on his websites you can see bits of his work some of which sell for upto £1,500

now for some old school trick

again i have not posted in a while not threw laziness well not all threw laziness. I have been doign some work my new look website is up on and i have been working on one or 2 projects for myself. This being summer those of you that know me will relise that any nice day that's to be had i will be out on my BMX (when i am not working) which brings me the reason to this post really just watched a video from the 2009 BMX masters in cologne which celebrates 25 years of the event with a little show from the legends who have got BMX to what it is today

also tony and graham have a new blog up at which focuses on skateboarding well worth a look in

annual report

well the last project of the year is finished I enjoyed this project a lot certainly learned a lot from it an produced the first bit of work i have been happy with for a while. feel that i should of got marked better for it though 48% was a bit harsh but never mind here is the images and as always leave a comment if you want

nearly finished for the year now need to redo some projects due to bad marks and more importantly bad work. however i find my self falling out of love with graphic design and the work i have been doing think i am going to need to find some way of getting the excitement back into graphic design for me otherwise i don't see the point of me doing something i don't love anymore good thing i have all summer and lots of personal projects planned

some recent work

I have been falling behind with my blogging well due to me forgetting my password an not being bothered about getting it sorted out anyway here is some work i have being doing of late. As usual let me know what you think

first up is my annual report spreads some of these are on the same page and wont be used

this last image is the front for my mapping project which is bases on the items on my desk at home still working on the back side of it thought which will show the usage of the items

after a set back

Well my idea for this project got shot down in glorious flames today and i got told to start again so after 5 hours or hard work i present you with flats of my new idea

this idea involves no fancy packaging just a modern typographic approach to seed packaging (read this as a normal seed package with a sans serif)